Resilience Research and Education
Promotion Consortium

Diagnose our society with risk,
forecast our future with resilience.

11 of companies and research institutions and a university established,
“Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium” on December 2017.
In the field of resilience focused on as the outline including conventional risk management,
we would promote activities as a base of world’s knowledge and a core of education.

  • セコム
  • 大日本印刷
  • 日本電気
  • Tokyu Property Management
  • スリーエム ジャパン
  • NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories
  • DRIジャパン
  • 電力中央研究所
  • 日本自動車研究所
  • 電子航法研究所
  • 産業技術総合研究所
  • 防災科学技術研究所
  • 労働安全衛生総合研究所
  • NCDR
  • 筑波大学