We held the Joint Symposium by Joint Seminar Gensai and Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium.

Posted on:2019.10.25

On October 25 (Fri), 2019, we held the Joint Symposium “Future Human Resource Development that Can Expect Unexpected ― From the Perspective of Teachers, Students, and Companies ― ” by Joint Seminar Gensai and Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium .

In the 1st session about lectures and topics, in addition to the University of Tsukuba and Kansai University, DRI Japan, an organization that certifies business continuity plan experts, NEC, a leading company in the security field, and an adult student from the University of Tsukuba presented about human resource development and what is required for human resource development.

In the 2nd session avout panel discussion, specific discussions were held regarding what kind of human resource development should be promoted in order to realize a resilience society by confirming the common points of each case of the presenters. We were able to study and share human resource development beyond the type of institution, and this is the main achievement of this symposium.

Participants amounted to 75 people including 24 general people. Questions were raised by raising their hands, and opinions and comments were gathered using opinion / comment papers, and this enables interactive discussions. According to the questionnaire results, 78% were satisfied with this symposium. The theme setting of human resource development was also highly evaluated, and there was a demand for human resource development at the next symposium. The result of this symposium was that we were able to confirm once again that human resource development is a high-interesting theme and to spread the activities of the Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium in the Kansai area.